Saturday, 23 February 2008

Getting busy!

Got Hubby to the plot today - it always seems like we get sooo much more done when he's there. While hubby got to work putting manure on the 'experimental early spud then will become pumpkins' bed, I sorted out the bed for the rhubarb and jostaberry bush. I shuffled them around to make better use of the space and put some of our link-a-bord from home around the edge to contain all the manure I put on as a mulch. You can see my fab huge bit of wool carpet that I got from a lady on freecycle that she had used to cover up her veg bed too.

We tried the other pile of communal manure today. It was totally different to the manure we originally used on the spuds as you can see by the diffence of colour in this pic! I'd read somewhere that manure with sawdust in isn't good as it does something bad to the nutrients (?? can't quite remember!) - well, the first pile was full of sawdust - hmmm - will just have to see how it goes. The manure we used today was dark and definately had straw in it - did look better quality/consistancy.

Next I moved the arch to over our entrance and I had bought a yellow climbing rose (Golden Parfum) from Wilcos for £1.99 to climb over it. The kids found and created the wobbily (but kind of 'kid' great) crazy-paved gap from bits of slab.

Yesterday I bought a blueberry bush as I tried blueberries properly for the first time the other day (VERY tasty), but as I've not got much room left to put it have filled a lovely pot that my Mother-in-Law gave me with ericacious compost and bunged it in there - looks very happy!

Yesterday I moved some new strawberries to the space between the loganberry and the blackberry for now. They won't be able to stay there forever, but will be fine for the time being. A man from up the hill came to get a barrow load of the ash from the massive bonfire we had in Nov. I asked him what it was for and he said 'Strawberries, potash, not gonna buy it when I can get it here for free'! So we've put a bit on ours too to see how it goes.

Finally I sowed a couple of rows of Early Nantes and one row of Parmex (little round ball type) carrots and covered with a plastic cloche to see if I can get an early crop.


  1. I love your blog, the pictures are great and show off the anticipatory excitement so well.

    I'm rooting for your little brocolli plant!

  2. Thanks, I read yours too, guess you've seen that I have your blog as a link.

    Sadly my brocolli has been truly pecked :o(! I've put a little chicken wire cage around it...but too late I fear!



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