Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A Chilly One!

So very cold at the allotment today. I really wanted to go as the frost and fog never cleared yesterday and I wanted to finish putting up the canes for the beans. I went today after lunch with the little'un and managed to neaten the edge of the path that runs along the end of my plot - couldn't be bothered to weed though, my hands were too cold and couldn't face all the docks and bramble roots - a job for another day.
I got the final canes up for the beans and if I do say so myself I did a good job. The frame is really solid (just watch the first gentle wind knock it over!) - even so I'll probably knock a couple of posts in to make sure it is totally secure.
And that's about it. Not a massively productive day but at least I got there. The most typical thing was that the sun managed to break through just as I padlocked the gate!

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