Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Look at the size of that! Apparently it was delicious too! I saved it for the Hubby as a special Dad's day treat ( a real treat actually as although we have 25 or so strawberry plants we actually have managed to each very few thanks to the gal who had pretty much managed to scoff the lot!). It is only their first year though and they should be fab next year (hopefully with more than even she can manage!!! :o) )

I had my eye on the plot that carries on from my plot on my site. It's a bit bigger than mine and has loads of fruit on and in my head I formulated lots of plans on expanding into the space and growing fruit trees etc. which are a luxury due to lack of space on mine. I was told I could have it if I wanted, however, Hubby soon quoshed all that. He put his foot down and said that he wasn't prepared to dig it :o( ! Anyway, in retrospect he was right to say no. I think our plot is big enough for us at the mo and it's hard enough keeping on top of our dreaded docks as it is. Since then it has been taken on by people we know which is smashing! Looking forward to seeing how it'll develop!

The pumpkins and squashes are really taking off now. Both up and over the ground. Only problem is the evil blackfly. They've nearly crippled one of my Turks Turban (the one not dug up by the fox) and seem to be on every plant. Lotts of squishing ahead!

Peas all doing brilliantly!

Tomatoes and parsnips bushing up.

Beans starting to climb and also getting bushy.

Heads on my brocolli - taste great too!
On the ploy I've been pulling up loads of what I thought was weeds. Turns out they were these amazing poppies! Bit gutted now that I was so ruthless. Never mind I'll know for next year. At least I'm a bit slapdash with the weeding and missed these ones.

Toms looking good and have lots of babies. They were a bit purpley-yellow on the leaves (so scared that it might be blight!!!) I think it's magnesium deficiency though so have treated it with epsom salts. They seem a wee bit better now (though I did pick off all the poorly leaves just in case!).

My josta has some iffy leaves too. I asked on the Grapevine forum and was pointed towards this It looks spot on so I'm not worrying about it.

A bounty :o)
We weeded and covered the path between mine and the new next doors plot. It's a comunal path and so well overdue. Looks much better and clearly saw foxes footprints walking alon g it on Sunday!
And lastly - the leeks have absolutley, with out a doubt gone to seed. Here are some pics of the various different flower stages. Great I think!


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