Friday, 15 February 2008

I went to the plot on Wed afternoon for 3 hours in the sunshine - what absolute bliss! I got loads done: moved some onion seedlings, prepared the bean bed, organized a few miss-placed brassicas (even found a baby P S brocolli and a cauli! whoo-hoo!), laid some disgarded lino along the path to the shed as the mud makes it slippery and not fun to walk along (really want to sort out the paths), and did loads of other bits and pieces. Smashing! My resident robin chirped at me non stop to chuck him (her?) something to eat or else get out of the way so he can have a rummage for himself!

At home I've now begun to sow in earnest. I've enough seeds to open a shop so may as well give 'early' a go. Tom seeds are coming along nicely and really seem to have liked being potting up much deeper to hide their slightly spindley stems. Started off my peppers and chillis and a few other seeds (some flowers too) and all seem happy enough in the heated propagator.

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