Saturday, 2 February 2008


....have arrived! I've got them all chitting in my bedroom (all thousands of them! :o) ) I wanted to try at least 5 different varieties and they only came in 2.5kg bags so what can you do? AND I'm off to Ryton tomorrow for the potato fair/day thingy so will no doubt come back with a fair few more, hmmmm!? Sooooo exciting though! We love spuds and although I have got far more than I need, we do get through at least a bag of spuds a week, more at early potato time, so I'll squeeze as many as I can in at the plot and the rest I'll give away.

Also sowed my first seeds of the new year. Mostly toms of many more types than I need (again!), and I can't seem to help but sow too many of each. I'm sure I'll be able to find a few foster homes for them if need be.

It was cold on the plot today (I had on about 6 layers and legwarmers), but not windy or wet so actually really nice. I did a bit of weeding and sorting, not much really, it was just nice to be there.

This is the new Tayberry bed I put in a few weeks ago. I've split the plot in half with it and am not totally sure I like that yet. I will have to see, I can always move them next winter if I need to.

I've also got around to creating a cage to protect my gooseberries with the Build-a-Balls I got for Christmas. The idea behind them is sound enough I think, though the balls don't seem all that secure. We'll see if they hold together.
Finally, just a couple of pics to show Feb on the plot looking from either end! x

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