Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chewy and Pip!

Slightly off the topic of veg......
Meet the new additions to our family! The top little fella has been called called Chewy by the boy, and the one above was called Pip by the girlie. It was all very exciting - buying the bits, choosing the Hamsters, getting them home in the car before they nibbled their way out (not so much fun with a shrieking daughter in the back seat!). We've popped them in their cages and are allowing them to settle in for a day or two. Chewy seems a sweet, happy little thing and Pip will be fine too - when he calms down - the poor mite seems in a permanent state of shock!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Potatoes Are Here!!!!!

Yippeeee! Though once again I have most spectacularly over ordered! This year I have written down exactly how many come in each bag so I can order properly for next year.

I ordered - Swift (1st, 36 in a bag, not tried before); Red Duke of York (1st, fab last year, 36); Pink Fir Apple (2nd, amazing!! 65+!!); Kestrel (2nd, 28 not tried before); Romano (MC, good but a bit sluggy, 25) and Valour (MC, again good but a little sluggy, 31). I will have to resort to organic type slug pellets this year unfortunately as 90% of my maincrops were unusable last year!
NEXT year I will order ONE 1st early, Pink Fir Apple and one other 2nd early, and ONE Maincrop!

Snowy plot pics:

The lovely leeks

And snow prints: The first ones I'm pretty certain are fox prints, the second some sort of bird - no idea what sort (not pigeon I think as they walk rather than hop) and final prints - something like a rabbit???

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow day!

Schools were shut, yippee! Well, the girl's wasn't but she had the choice to go in or not and she chose to go in!!!??? So she did. Me and the Boy, on the other hand, got to stay at home and play in the snow!

First a picture of our remade friendly snowman. He had collapsed over night on the first day he was made. This time he has been reinforced!

And below is a pic of the mini snowmen - a little Gormley-esque! All they need is some little eyes peering up at you! These were produced before we got the calls about the snow day. So about 7am!! Brill!

Anthony Gormley - Field for the British Isles

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Next batch!

Much better, if a little runny this time! Mostly due to lack of space in my stock pot - not enough room for all the liquid at first, adding the rest later but then it not having enough time to boil off!! Sigh!! Tastes absolutely fab though so I'll cope!
Where are my potatoes?

Monday, 2 February 2009

So snowy.....

We've had constant snow now since 10am and had a fair bit overnight too. It wasn't really settling on the paths but now it is so it seems we are going to have a white-out! Must see if I can get to the plot to take a pic of that! Below is my back garden and the white fields beyond!

The Hubby and the Boy made a fantastic snowman - had to be done!


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