Saturday, 27 March 2010

Well, hello sunshine!

And it's about time!

Once again I've been a bad blogger, this time I have been totally sidetracked by my latest hobby - glass bead making. I've been learning everything I can about lampworking and setting up a website/business to sell my glass and ceramic jewellery . All very exciting, but this has meant that my poor little plot has been ignored rather since September. Anyway, things have now settled down and on the bead front and my mind is turning back to what needs to be done.

I've got my first earlies in, keeping it simple this year and just sowing Charlotte. Seconds are just about to go in (Kestrel) and are chitting nicely on the living room windowsill. I'm not going to bother with maincrop - Kestrel grew lovely and big last year and the little slugs ate into 90% of last years MC haul - just not worth it.

Onions are sprouting (and baby weedlings are all popping up too with the sunshine - hoed their little heads off today, have no mercy!), overwintered broadies -only 5ish survived, so I'm going to need to get some more in pronto, and buds are bursting on all my fruit trees and bushes - hooray! We've all been given a second day to have a bonfire (we're only usually allowed to burn on our allotments on the Saturday nearest to bonfire night) on Saturday 10th so we'll make a real day of it and try to get loads done.

Charlottes and a row of Kestrel so far in their bed.

The bed of white and red onion sets sprouting. They come from the Allotment Association I've no idea what sort they are.

These are before and after pics of my newly organised compost bins, I couldn't believe how much space we created by making these into a row. We've also decided to leave the fronts open for easy access. Working well so far and lovely compost was spread on the beds.

The rest of my pics are a mishmash in no particular order from last Summer.


The kids beds, mostly used to house a variety of diggers, dinosaurs and cars. The girlie does have a rather nice strawberry patch though and also now one potato :o)

Impressed eh?

From the trees... see last post!



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