Sunday, 17 February 2008

Another lovely afternoon at the plot. I left Hubby at home making me some frames to keep off the pesky carrot fly and set about clearing out the greenhouse ready for all the seedlings to fill it in spring and all the lovely toms and other greenhousy veg. I put a few slabs inside to stand on and weed suppressing membrane for the edges without slab on and it looks great. Roll on the warmer days!
These two little fellas are the only remnants of a failed set of seedlings last year that was decimated by some 'as yet unknown' creature. They've lasted the winter months so far and this week the plucky little fellas have shown that they CAN do it! On the right is my minute purple sprouting broccoli and on the left a cauliflower!

My fruit bushes seem to be waking up too. This is my loganberry and there are buds on my blackcurrant too.

View from the greenhouse door.

And finally here are my robust little tomato seedlings. They are a little bit leggy (well I did sow them early and they've had to stretch for light on the windowsill) but I still think they're coming along nicely and seem happy enough. I'm going to put them outside in a mini plastic greenhouse once the frost is cleared in the mornings and bring them in again at night for a while until it warms up enough to put them in the greenhouse.

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