Sunday, 3 February 2008

Ryton Potato Day

What fun! It was like a pick and mix at a sweet shop! To be honest I think next year I will only get my spuds from here so I can get EXACTLY what and how many I want. I now have even more spuds!!

I bought: 10 Sarpo Mira; 5 Highland Burgundy Red; 5 Salad Blue; 5 Pink Fir Apple; and 5 Mimi. All very exciting!

They also had a stall where you can bring along packets of saved seeds or even commercial ones and swap them for those that someone else brought along. A good day all round (despite all the coughing and sniffing around me :oD!)!

Came home and had a real urge to make Seville Orange Marmalade... and so I did!.. Still to bottle it up (still waiting for the dishwasher to do it's thing with the jars), but first tasting are fab. Not as sweet as shop bought, but a much richer taste mmmmmmm!

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