Sunday, 13 February 2011


Started my early sowings today.  Chillis, toms, cabbage, cauli, PSB, broccoli, celery and salad bowl CACA.  I know it's early for some I've found it's better to start early and re sow some if need be, than not and then have to re sow and risk it being a bit too late.  Works for me anyway.

About to begin!  Compost wasn't the right soer - far too coarse, but it was all they had in that size at the garden centre.  A bit of sieving was needed.

Here's a pic with my cute looking spuds all lined up like they're watching a film :) They are Anya and Cara.

Reminds me of Gormley again :) (Field for the British Isles)

And lastly my kitty.....just because!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New York seagull!

Rock Challenge 2011 is about to start and the school I work at entered last year and were AMAZING!  This year our theme is 'The American Dream'. My friend Katy does all the choreography and direction, I do the set, props and backstage crew, and Hayley does EVERYTHING else :).

It it a performing arts competition for schools to enter. Each team performs an 8 minute piece to music in dance or physical theatre to tell a story.  Some of the schools that enter the competition are fantastic.  Last year our school won the local heats - we didn't win the regional final, but the competition was very tough :)  Great fun though!

Anyway, I've started on the props - so far I've made a Statue of Liberty torch and my mate the Seagull-on-a-stick! :)

I've also got new set on order.  So will be painting soon too I hope!


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