Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So Sad!

I can't even begin to understand why anyone - even kids - would think that this is an okay thing to do!  It happened while I was on the school run.  On the way home I saw a lad throwing a huge snowball at his friends and when I got there realised it was the Snowdog (sock ear, twigs, satumu and snow all over the road) and they had been onto our garden to push over the Snowman too.  I was so sad and so angry for the girlie who was absolutely devastated, it was heartbreaking. 

We were in the process of remaking him when more (the same?) lads threw a snowball at us and ran away.  I then decided that the Snowman was not at all safe in our front garden and moved him to the back (where I must admit that he looks much happier - if a bit shorter :) ).  It was a bit of an effort - I had to saw him into sections to be able to lift him through the house - we then put him back together and filled in the gaps.  The Girlie and I then made Snowdog II.  The Girlie told me that Snowdog I is now in that place where the snowmen all go to play/ski etc. waiting for the other two to come when the snow melts - I like that!

Monday, 21 January 2013

A New Year!

Ahhh, the new year has arrived and so has the snow!  The Girlie, her mate and I made The Snowman and The Snowdog (plus woodland pal) for the front garden.  They look great standing guard, though we did have to remove a layer of new snow this morning - the Snowdog's head was completly covered!  The snow is really packable and perfect for making snow creations.  

We went on a trek to find an new sledging run yesterday and best of all I got a snow day today - hoorah! (or it would be hoorah, if I didn't have loads to do! - at least I don't have to dig the car out!).  I'll try to squeeze in a bit of online seed shopping today too, the garden is obviously covered in snow, but oddly that makes me more keen to get sorting it for this year.


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