Monday, 21 June 2010


Strawberries, strawberries everywhere! Guess what we had for pudding?! Yup!  I had probably the most gorgeous strawberry in the whole world yesterday at the plot.  It was massive, tasty and sooo sweet.  We've never had this many before, they are a mixture of last year's runners and 2/3 year old plants.  We've got a few varieties too though I'm not sure what they are now.

The girlie had another whopper on her plot and we brought home all the ripe/very nearly ripe ones - leaving lots and lots left on the plants to ripen.  Our pud was just strawberries and the low fat Vanilleta icecream from Tescos which we love and tastes like a much more calorie laden/expensive icecream mmmmmmmmm.

The poppies have opened up this week too.  I'm ever on the look out for a beautiful deep red poppy that my plot neighbour talks about that was growing on my plot before we took it over.  He said that it was huge, right in the middle of the plot.  He had been watching it and waiting for it to run to seed to save some, but then a tractor came on the the allotments and ran over it - squishing it to oblivion!  Maybe one day we will see one again?! Meanwhile, it is all the lovely lilac ones and a few pinker variations too.

Bees were very busy yesterday, enjoying the sunshine :o)

Our job for this weekend was to weed the direct sown seeds and attack the poor littlecut flower bed that seems to spend it's life drowning in weeds. I weeded and thinned the fennel bulbs, swedes, beetroot, carrots (all 6 of them) and the non existant parsnips :o( Even the chitting and nurturing of the seedlings was no match for some critter that munched through them all!  Anyway, probably wouldn't have survived the weeds onslaught :o(

The veggies can all breathe now!

Cherry update.

Currants are heaving with berries all turning.  I need some recipes now.

And finally - my haul for the weekend.  We also dug up another 3 potato plants giving us 2-3 dinners worth and loaded it all on my bike for the journey home.


  1. That strawberry is HUGE. Well done. Lovely pictures by the way, especially the poppies. I've not been down my plot for a while but I've got tomorrow off, so I'll be tackling the weeds too...

  2. Holy cow. Thats one very large strawberry!!! It looks heavenly. Mine here are quite small, but they still taste very yummy.

    And those poppies are amazing. I planted some poppy seeds this year that my friend brought back for me from Germany...I cant wait to see them!

  3. Hi Mark and Frugalmom,

    It was indeed very tasty, we got an even bigger one this week - my aim next year is to grow one as big as a grapefruit :)! I'm pleased with the poppies too. They self seed like mad and I work hard to give them total neglect - then voila! I'd be happy to send you some seeds if you like?

    I hope you survived the weeds Mark!



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