Saturday, 5 June 2010

Feeling a bit better.

We went off to the plot today after going to pick up some free used slabs.  Focusing on the fruit patch we cleared it of all the big weeds so that we could see what we were doing - leaving the horrible docks to die a slow hot death on the paths.  It looked so much better already .  We'll have another bash tomorrow and aim to get every available method of (free) weed suppressant down to stop the return.  At least for this year anyway.

Pic from Thursday....

And this was a pic from today....

I know it's not totally tidy yet, but we'll have another good go tomorrow. At least I can now see my fruit bushes.

And what is there to see?  Well, gooseberries are looking fine.  We are going to pick a few tomorrow and as the elderflowers are also blooming we'll get some of them too and have a go at concocting something from them.

The cherries have started to turn red - yippee.  I'm looking forward to this little bunch (that's all there is!) as I've been waiting 3 years more or less for it now :o)

The redcurrants are on the turn.  They are always the first to go and are absolutely dripping in berries this year.

The loganberry has a HUGE amount of flowers on it.  I can't wait for these, it's not as nice as my wonderful blackberry that I almost killed, but still very pleasant and makes great jam.

So what else?  I spied this little fella when I was weeding the flower border liberating my lupins from the evil docks.  He was really quite a cutie and we saw him several times in the 3 hours we were there today.  He seemed to be keeping an eye on us - or perhaps cross at me for disturbing his hidey-hole?

At home my hastily sown salad leaves have really started to take off.  We even gave a few a haircut for a light salad with our lunch.

And finally the herb bed.  It's looking terrific this year,  I've even got some alpine strawberries in a hanging basket from last year that seem happy enough to go again.  We've eaten a few already and they were delicious mmmmm! My chive flower pic is included just because I love them!

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