Friday, 4 June 2010


Where did my plot go?  We've not been able to get to the plot for the last two weekends due to rain, work commitments, birthdays and a weekend away so it is nearly 3 weeks since we last went.  In that time the weeds have TOTALLY taken over.  I honestly didn't know where to start when I went down yesterday.  Hubby had been the day before and said it was bad, but I was unprepared for how bad!  Curse my wonderful fertile soil!

This was the plot 3 weeks ago.......

And here it was of yesterday........

It looked as if it was totally abandoned - I could have cried!   Don't get me wrong, it's not the beds, they look pretty good, it's the PATHS!!!!  I know there were a few weeds along the edges, we always have those, we dig them out as we do a bed, but they do escape from under the slabs or through the carpet, except now they've gone bonkers with the sunshine/showers of the last few weeks. :o(   I hate the thought that we're going to have to weed paths rather than tend veggies for the next few weeks.  

So, any suggestions?  We have been promised a few slabs which we'll go get this weekend.  I'm not going to bother with carpet anymore as the weeds grow straight through.  I can't afford to chipbark the lot.  I could mow the paths??  Or we've access to a lot of strawy manure (loads more straw than manure), could I mulch the paths with that?  I've certainly got to do something - we can't get down to the plot enough to only have to battle the weeds.

And then to top it all, I was just getting stuck in yesterday, been there about an hour, when I got a migraine and had to pack up to come home to bed *sigh*.  It'll have to wait until tomorrow now.

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  1. Blimey, that does look shocking. I covered my paths with landscaping fabric beneath chipbark, but the weeds still get through. We're lucky enough to have chipbark delivered by the council to use. It helps, but I don't think anything will keep all the weeds at bay :(



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