Sunday, 6 June 2010

And then the rain....

I woke up this morning all ready for another stint at the allotment but should have expected the rain that I could hear outside considering the thunder and lightning from last night.  I suppose I thought it would stop it being quite so muggy and be a bright clear day - but no, t'was rainy.  We pottered around the house until lunch then as it had cleared up a bit, headed off to the plot this afternoon.  It did have a few downpours, but hid in the greenhouse in the worst of it and managed to get a fair bit done.

So here's the finished fruit beds in all their carpetted glory.  We've popped down a few (currently very wobbly) slabs too as that bit of path always gets very slippery.  Wobbly or not, it's better already.

Other things we got done today was to weed the pea and bean beds (and picked the first of the broadies) and Hubby hacked down all the long grass on the paths with some shears.  Looked lots, lots better.

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