Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More 'you know what'

Apologies now, as I'm sure it's getting a bit repetitive with me waffling on about my strawberries, but this post also mentions them...a bit. They're the superstars of my plot at the moment, so I can't help it, but sorry if you've had enough already.

We went to the plot on Sunday as usual, but in the evening and only to water and pick as it was sweltering - plus we had a dismal England game to watch in the afternoon.  We were there for over an hour though and the fruit we brought home was fabulous.

We got 3kg of strawberries, loads of red and black currants, the first of the rozzers and loganberries - plus a few jostaberries (sitting on the red currants).  We had the new Strawberry King, which pips the fella from last week.........

He's sitting on my hand too and not the girlies'!  Absolutely delicious he was - this big boy didn't make it home!  

The majority of my strawberries got made into my first jam of the year.  Very, very tasty indeed!  There are 9 jars plus a half jar (now only about 1/6th jar) that went in the fridge.

I also made Currant Jelly (too lazy to do separate currants, I'm sure they would taste nicer, but not by much!).  We've had some already with some pork, it was delicious and tasted fantastic.

The currant bushes

The loganberries

The raspberries

And here are the cherries - the entire crop (I'm suspecting foul play from some critter as there were more than this!).  Hubby, the Girlie and I had one each and they were well worth waiting for.  Please excuse the red fingers, I'd been chopping strawberries.

And finally my lovely roses.


  1. I'm defintely going to have to do strawberries looking at those - do you cover them from the birds??

    As for your offer of poppy seeds, that would be great if it's no trouble. I'm going to leave my front bed fallow next year and just sow some wild flowers to brighten the place up a bit and attract the pollenators. Some poppies would be great. I think you have my address as I bought a necklace for my wife recently. Let me know - thanks!

  2. I am in berry heaven just reading this post....I can only imagine how excited you must be feeling having all those berries on your counter!
    We had so many cherries this year that we couldnt even keep up with them. I feel badly every time I walk past the tree and see cherries that were left unpicked...sigh. Are yours sour? They look the size of mine and mine are sour....
    Beautiful roses. I have some that look very similar....I can smell them from here. :-)

  3. Mark - It'd be no problem at all, I'll save some for you when they are ready and pop them in the post.

    I don't cover the strawberries up at all any more - and a fair few do get nibbled - by mice I think - not birds. I used to, but it really annoyed me to have to negotiate the net every time I wanted to get in there. I've only ever bought maybe 20 strawberry plants, but now, what with all the runners, I've probably got more than 80 plants so plenty for me and the small nibbly creatures. I don't do much for them, chop off their runners and transplant, weed them and mulch with straw twice a year - after they finish and when they begin to grow again in spring. They seem happy enough.

    Hi again Frugalmom. I've just spent a lovely hour reading your blog and am the weeniest bit jealous (okay LOTS jealous - your new farm looks great and what with all your new furry additions too, you seem like you're in heaven!)

    My cherries are sweet dessert cherries, not sour at all. Have you made jam or the like with your cherries? I've heard that they make amazing, intense preserves.

  4. We have made jelly/jam in the past with sour cherries. Just not from these specific ones, as we just moved here a couple months ago. It did turn out very yummy tho.

    With these cherries I have made 1 sour cream cherry pie.(and it was very tasty) And the rest were flash frozen and stored in the freezer. I think we have about 12 lbs stored....and really, I should have way more, but we have been so busy they sadly, I fell behind in the picking. Did I mention that I feel guilty about that? :-)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. That makes me happy. Im glad you are enjoying it. And yes, I am super happy here...and I love, love, love my farm and all my critters. :-)

  5. It's a shame that it can't be easier, where you pop a sheet under the tree and give it a shake and down they all fall. Still storage of 12lbs worth is good. I wouldn't have enough space in my freezer for anywhere near that!



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