Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lots and lots of flowers

When we arrived at the plot today we were greeted again by the sunny flower bed along the edge of the greenhouse. We've cut them all now as they were already open and we want to be able to enjoy them at home - I think they'd be 'over' if we left them until next week. They were such a lovely sight though - it was almost painful to do it. So, I got the girlie to do it for me! She carefully cut them all and had them nicely lined up on the grass in order of stalk length!? It looked great, but I forgot to take a piccy of it - shame :o( !

Flowers seem to be breaking out all over the plot - especially on the fruity plants.........the new 'moved from home' cherry, the jostaberry, the plum, all the apple step-overs, currants, strawberries, the gooseberry bushes (these even have baby goosies on them - hundreds off them) and best of all, the greengage sapling that my friend gave me a couple of years ago (that I was told would never fruit) actually has flowers on it!! Fingers crossed xx

The Josta
One of my six step-over apples
The greengage (at least we think it's a greengage!)

The asparagus has made an appearance too - yay. We can pick some this year too so have had some with dippy eggs for tea. Not my favourite veg, but not bad either. I can definitely see the potential.

I got cracking on the sowing of the peas today. This colourfully bottled bed has four short rows across it and the
teepee. I sowed two of the rows with Meteor and Blauw...something. And Magnum Bonum (really smashing, really tall variety) and Carouby de Massuse (sp. again - sorry, I can't remember exactly without going out to the car and looking in the seed box!). As I write this I realise that I forgot to protect my seeds from the mice - eeek! I'll have to go do it tomorrow.

In between trying to sell our car and going back home for stuff we'd forgotten...twice (once even for the chitting spuds that we were here specifically to sow!) Hubby dug over the two beds that the spuds were going into. While doing it he dug up this beeeeaauuty! I wish I could say it was as tasty as it looks but it was so old and woody it was only destined for the compost bin. Pah!

Anyway, we got the spuds in eventually. Note the first pic of the ridged bed......
I did that! I then planted the potatoes using my newly purchased bulb planter from Wilkos. Why on earth had I resisted for so long?? It was fantastic! I planted them in half the time I usually do! I dug a trench, then dug in the bottom of it with my bulb planter, popped the spud in and released the soil. Voila!

In the Charlotte potato bed they were starting to pop up, not affected at all by the frosts - yay! I covered them over in the trench a bit more.

The boy and the girlie were busy as usual. The girlie weeded, watered and put her strawberries to bed.

The boy made a mud pool, a large mud ball and mud camouflaged dinosaurs :o)

And finally, I have managed to motivate myself to sow seeds at home. Well, not sow exactly, but start chitting my parsnips as I usually do to help germination - go me!


  1. Hiya, Love your Blog!
    Hoping to pick up some tips from you!

  2. Hiya, it's lovely to have someone new look in. I've popped over to your lottie blog too - welcome to the world of Allotmenteering :)



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