Monday, 12 April 2010

Apple taste test

I've just found the result of my step-over apple taste test that I performed last year when we picked the little fellas.

Egremont Russet
Sharp (a bit too sharp for an eater) Surface was a bit manky (not too sure what I meant by that, but I guess the surface was rather scabby).

A nicer russet, not as sharp but very, very manky! (I wonder what I can do about it - must look it up).

Nice eater, sweet enough, but not overly flavoursome - kids liked it.

Very sharp and not sweet at all. A cooker - not flavoursome.

Very 'appley'. Sweet and sharp (but not too sharp).

Nice taste. Eat fairly early as gone over by September 20th.

So to sum up, Fiesta is definately the favourite, though I left it fairly late to try them, so I think we'll be picking them much earlier this year. Can't wait!

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