Monday, 26 April 2010

Cycling in the sunshine

The Girlie asked several times last week if we could go on a bike ride.  Mostly just before bed when there was no chance, but I did quite fancy the idea so we decided to head off to the Peak District on Saturday to try out the Monsal Trail.  We've walked a fair bit of it before but we haven't been on our bikes, and not with kids on their bikes too.  I'm not really built to ride a bicycle, but I have been mulling over the idea of getting an upgrade for my very old turquoise and purple mountain bike.  Hubby and I went to have a look in Halfords and I spotted one that I thought would suit me :o) (this one).  Very girlie, not overly trendy and adjustable so I can find a riding position that is comfortable (oh, and it had a big comfy seat too - oh, oh and a kick stand AND a pannier).  I keep thinking about it and I'm sure I can twist Hubby's arm.  Anyway, I did think that a few outings on my old bike might be a good idea first - I wasn't totally sure if I would even enjoy it!

Well, it couldn't have been a more perfect day for a first bike ride in yonks, the sun was shining, the trail was totally flat as it was an old railway line, and you couldn't go too far as the road was shut over the Coombs Road Viaduct at one end and a tunnel was closed off at the other.  We worked it out to be about a 9 mile ride, up and back the trail from Bakewell Old Station. There wasn't a great deal to see, but there was an old station or two and even some alpacas!

Pics of the old station that's now a house and a little further along the platform where the people from the Thornbridge estate had their own section built so they wouldn't have to stand with the riff-raff. Note the old bike - it actually works fine as Hubby is brilliant with bikes, but even so...!

It was a lovely day and I didn't even ache too much - yay!  Some more cycle rides are definitely in the offing, and hopefully a new bike too!

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