Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Autumn days

Sunday was gorgeous. Blue skies and sunshine, but golly it was cold - winter is definately on it's way!

Hubby spent most of the time there sorting out the bonfire ready for two weekends time when we are allowed a fire at the plot (one of only two days a year). He also chopped down a greengage that never was (it was a sapling from another greengage that I hoped might give me fruit but didn't).  A shame, but it was getting big and I can't have an unproductive tree taking up valuable space on my plot. 
I tidied up the raspberries, cutting out old stems and tying in the new.  I cleared the frost bitten butternut squash bed and collect the grand total of two pear sized, unripened fruits. I really must try to sow them earlier!!

The raspberries looking much neater.  The greengage would have been in this pic just behind where the right hand post is.

Frosted BNS

It was smashing to see how well the onion and garlic are doing.  I'm really pleased with the progress in only a few weeks.


Kiddies were busy again - The Girlie planted her strawberry runners - her bed is doing really well considering she started off with a handful of strawbs.  The Boy dug up a massive dock all by himself and then dug a big hole.

At home the alpine strawberries are still going.  They are so brilliant.  You don't seem to get a glut and there's never more than a handful to be picked, but I've been eating them for nearly 5 months.  They're self seeding/sowing too, these ones planted themselves - yum! 

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