Sunday, 23 January 2011

A New Year!

We haven't been over to the plot since bonfire weekend.  I was concerned that we'd have masses to do, but we went today and were suprised how orderly it looked.  Got to love the lack of weeds over winter! 

Biggest surprise was that in our absence they had cut down the bushes around the outside of the allotment fence.  I did know that it was going to happen, and wasn't sure how I felt about it - especially as is it was full of wildlife.  However, it's meant that we now have loads more light and the robins that usually nest in the bushes were there watching us dig as usual so they've obviously found somewhere new. The only minor worry is that it may be marginly easier for someone to climb over now, but I guess if they really want to get in a fence wouldn't (and didn't) stop them!

Anyway, the overwintering onions and garlics looked a little sorry for themselves, I guess they've had quite a hard time.  The broad beans and peas we put in have done absolutely nothing! And pretty much anything else still in (i.e. swedes) have totally gone over. 
We made a bit of a plan to simplify everything again (less varieties and putting beds together) and then got digging the potato bed over ready for manure.

                  Garlic                            Onion

The spud bed 2011

And the bulbs are on their way up!!  :)


  1. Well done. Still too wet here to do any digging. I might get all my seeds together tonight and work out a plan of action for the year aheead.

  2. Ta Mark, I thought it would be too wet here too, but it was actually lovely to dig over. A plan of action sounds like a good idea. I missed loads last year, I need to me more organised :)



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