Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Busy busy!

I've been a right busy bee. I was finally allowed to buy some bullseye glass to play with in my lovely little kiln.  Here are my first (rather dodgy) attempts. 

I feel I have a fair bit to learn!  I managed to get a few pieces from my first batch that I am pleased with, but as I didn't know what I'd like doing the whole lot were a bit of a mish mash of styles and techniques.  Plus the mixed pack of glass I ordered (so I'd have lots of lots of different glasses to try) came with very little opaque glass - in fact it only came with black, a small bit of red and a piece of yellow - the rest was all transparent.  

I was happy with how they looked when they went in, but not as impressed when they came out.  Firstly, I think I over cooked them a bit.  I followed a schedule for an SC2 but I think it's a bit high for my Caldera?? Anyway, it was a little too blobby for my liking.  Can I make it less so?? I'll certainly try to make the stack a little more even and will have I'll have another go with a different schedule.

However, I was pleased with my landscape prototypes.  They definately deserve some more playtime :)

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  1. I agree, those 'landscape' designs do look good. Plenty of potential.



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