Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Wind.....The Wiiiinnnndddd!

....blew out more panes from my greenhouse :o( I've now run out of spare glass so any more breakages means a trip to the shop for some more. The replacements were a fraction too big and so couldn't fit in the frame properly, but I managed to cobble it and tape it so the rain wouldn't run in. It'll do, it is an allotment after all!

I moved the tomatoes and chillies to the greenhouse today. I'm sure they won't like the change, but they were starting to stretch for the light so I'm going to risk it. I must remember that I need to pop in on my way home from work to water in the week too. They'll need potting on in a little while - I'll just give them a bit of time to settle first.

Peas and sweet peas are looking good.

I also sowed my first lot of carrots. I have a real problem getting carrots to grow on my plot. In fact the whole allotment site does. Still ever the optimist (and the fact that I desperately want to grow them) I prepared the bed today - getting out all the big stones and squishing the lumps. However, I didn't take the usual time to carefully sow in rows, instead I just pulled back the top inch of soil broadcast several different varieties of carrot over the bed, then pulled it back again. As an after thought I also sprinkled over some marigold seeds, watered the bed and very lightly raked it over again. Lets see if the haphazard approach works!

Finally they have started work on the fence. I've got my fingers crossed that they are going to leave the bushes on the other side as they not only shield my plot and keep out the bad'uns, but they are also full of the Plot 6 wildlife. I'll have to wait and see!

I had the urge to make lemon curd - so I did. It was supposed to make 4 jars but as you can see only made 2. HOWEVER, it tasted amazing!! Just like the the filling from lemon meringue - fab! The recipe was from the Women's Intitute's Book of Preserves a terrific book that I borrowed from the library but thought it was so good that I bought it (came today - yippee!). I'll update this post with the recipe next time I'm on here!

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