Sunday, 8 March 2009

Peas, Parsnips and Jelly

I sowed loads of peas, sweetpeas and lupins this week. The peas and sweetpeas I moved to the allotment greenhouse as they seem to prefer it cool. Last year my sweetpeas were really leggy and I sowed them all in individual modules. It was a poor show really. This year I've sown them 5 to a pot and I'll leave them all together when I plant them out. The peas are in guttering again as it was so brilliant last year. I then just dig a shallow trench in the bed, take off the end and slide them in. I had a real production line going! The Lupins are still at home (not sure what they need, will have to look them up!) and already showing above the compost - now if I can just stop the cat sitting on them....!

The rhubarb is at last making a bit more of an effort!

Hubby moved the path and dug over the new bit of bed ready for me to sow some more broadies and to put in the peas when they are up.

Below is my fabulous new cut flower bed. I've got tons of stuff in dahlias, gladioli, irises, freesias and more. The kids planted a dahlia each so they will have something to show at the allotment show and I've got one of my own too. along with my sweetpeas and lupins (I know they take 2 years!) I've high hopes! Roll on Summer!

And a pic of me with one of my monster parsnips. it's been in the ground for a while so looks a bit brown, but tasted great!

And finally, I've just made the most wonderful Sweet Red Pepper Jelly. It is gorgeous!! We love stuff like this on cheese and biscuits and we've just run out of the Quince and Rose Petal Jelly that my MIL gave us and had always planned to have a go myself. As you can see it doesn't make very much (I may have simmered it a bit long), but it's delicious and really easy to make.
Nigella's Sweet Red Pepper Jelly.
6 large red peppers
3 oz white wine vinegar
Juice of 2 large lemons
1 lb castor sugar

Sweet red pepper jelly, perfect for Christmas or any other time of year, but I must warn you its very addictive!!!! It goes really well with houmous or cheese on crackers. You can add a few red chillies to give a bit of a kick too. It's really easy to make and keeps for ages so don't be alarmed by the quantities(!?)


1. Whizz peppers in a food processor as chunky as you want the final result to be (I prefer it finely chopped).

2. Put the blitzed peppers into a stainless steel sauce pan and add all the other ingredients.

3. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 20-30 mins or until relatively thick (like honey) stirring occasionally, be careful not to let it burn or go too thick as it thickens further in the fridge.

4. Its now ready to pour into jars. leave to cool a little before you put it in the fridge.


  1. That is a very hefty parsnip!

  2. Yup! :o) They have been brilliant his year and still loads in the ground. I need to grow less or use more!



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