Sunday, 15 March 2009

Perfect Plot Day

It was a glorious day to start with this morning when we got to the plot. We had a really productive day too. Firstly I put in some more broad beans, filling the gaps in the Aquadulce and then sowing 2 rows of Masterpiece Green Longpod. I've put net over it in a vain hope of keeping the mice and pigeons off.

Next were the peas. I love the rustic look of this teepee structure. This year I've got 'Magnum Bonum' peas on it again (a heritage variety that I got from a seed swap at Ryton Organic Potato Fair last year) - these were smashing. Because I only had 9 seeds of this (I wasn't organised and ate all the peas and forgot to dry some for sowing next year - durrrr!), I also sowed some Mangetout 'Carouby De Maussane', which also grow tall at 1.5m +. The blue bit of carpet is to stop the weeds which I couldn't reach to weed very well last year once the peas had grown.

On the subject of peas, the Meteor and Blauwschokker Peas I sowed in the guttering have come up, as have a few of the many sweetpeas I sowed.
Other jobs done today: - Hubby hammered in the last two posts for the step over apple tree, cleared Bed 6 ready for parsnips and carrots, hammered the loganberry's wonky post back in, popped in a few more japanese onions where they had been pulled up and did loads of dock weeding around the fruit bushes.
Overall a good day!

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