Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Orange Rose

So I bought a rose from Wilkos. It looks lovely and as the 'Golden Parfum' climbing rose that I got from there last year did so well, I thought I'd go for one on the other arch too. It was only £2.50 so it was worth a go.

The three little twigs sticking up between the daffs and tulips is my little rose. The other one looked like this this time last year and grew brilliantly in a year. I'm hoping for some flowers this year!

My 'Golden Parfum' now.
We had a good day at the plot on Sunday. Hubby took a load of stuff to the tip and we moved the path and dug the bed for the pumpkins. I put the last of our stash of very well rotted manure on the bed and then spent the rest of the time there filling the bin up again with the free stuff. It's now half full - the rest will have to wait for another day. I also wired between the posts for the step-over apples and attached the branches to it. They are really secure now.

Lastly, Hubby cleared behind the shed as we were told the council were finally going to put up the metal fence at the end of our plots (and the 5 next to me). The high pointy topped fence runs most of the way around the allotments already, but stops when it gets to mine as we had trees/bushes there. It's okay for our plot, but the rest of the plots are not very secure, even I could get over if I felt inclined!.
Anyway, they are starting before the end of March and should be finished by the end of April. Also as a way of saying sorry for the inconvienience they have knocked £10 off our rent for the coming year - hooray!! It'll be like being in prison and I'll have a good view of the factories now, but I'll cope - I'd rather it was secure, most of it is behind the shed/swings anyway and I'll cover it up somehow!

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