Saturday, 3 May 2008

We've dug the last bed!!!

THIS IS A MOMENTOUS OCCASION! Well, I say 'we' but I really mean 'Hubby'. It feels fantastic and Hubby's really chuffed that he doesn't have to do any more uncultivated digging. I present Bed 9.......
On to other stuff - This is one of our resident robins. As they're so territorial I assume they are a couple. This one was so confident it came right up to us waiting to be feed. It did look rather skinny, but we soon fed it up. Favourite food (often ignoring worms while it waited for us to find them for him) was the grub (chafer?) he has in his mouth.
My next wave of peas has germinated nicely in the greenhouse and I planted them in rows alongside the first two (sugar snap Waverex - grows to 45cm) in Bed 10 and another row of Rondo on the other side of Bed 6 to those already in (and not looking all that happy). I've still got Show Perfection to sow for maincrop.
In the guttering.

Planted and supported with some Parella Red Lettuce to fill up the gap
The whole of Bed 10
The Rondo Peas planted and supported - these caught me out last year and grew much taller than the support I put up for them.

I'm trying to gently get the kids interested in the allotment and gardening in general. The little 'uns giant sunflowers have germinated beautifully and she planted them today in her own little plot (with only a little bit of help from me to get them out of the cups).

The other important kid job of the day was to collect all the dandelion heads so they couldn't set seed. Both helped and between them collected 2 barrowloads!

Hubby also earthed up the earlies in Beds 13 and 14 and his 2 asparagus spears :o) .
While sorting out my straggly over wintered peas I pulled out one of my twiggy pea sticks to find that it has taken root and has started to send out buds. I'm not sure what it is, but it looks like a fruit tree of some kind. I got my twigs from a pile of cuttings so it could well be. Anyway, I planted it and will see what happens.

The mysterious bulbs coming up next to my compost bin turned out to be white bluebells and look lovely. Well worth the wait I think! And on the theme of flowers here are a few more from around my plot.

Broad bean Claudia
My little rescued purple sprouting brocolli has sent out lovely yellow flowers.

Flowers on my raspberries :o) And finally my first strawberry flowers - yum yum!

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