Friday, 9 May 2008

I am the carpet queen!

It's like a living room with vegetable beds in it! Not the most aesthetically pleasing effect, but does the job with the weeds. Over half my plot now has carpet covering the paths and a man in a carpet shop is dropping me some more off on saturday to finish them off. I know it's often frowned on but the choices I have are carpet, weeds, weeding non-stop or a lot of weed suppressing membrane (££) for now it's gonna be carpet. As odd as it looks it does feel so much more under control and as and when I get hold of slabs etc, I'll slowly replace it.

I also managed to get my first greenhouse crop planted into veg growbags. This is a Crystal Lemon cucumber that seems very happy growing up the cane. I also popped some temporary shading up too that I'll fix permanently next time I go up.


  1. What a tasteful choice in carpet you've got there, and it all matches.

  2. Thanks :oD. Yup, been very lucky to find such gems as these! I'm hoping that a few muddy wellies will tone it down a bit and give it a bit more of a 'lived in' look.



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