Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Glorious Sunshine

What an absolutely fabulous couple of days! Hopefully it will last for the next two now I have finished work for the week. I went to the plot after lunch and it was so nice that we came back again when Hubby got home from work.

We've got a real problem with the weeds! All the good stuff is growing rapidly, but so are my docks. You can hardly see some of the paths and it scared me a bit as I saw a Summer of weeding paths. I've now had a few bits of carpet from donations on Freecycle (and funky they are too!) but it's not enough for all my smaller paths. So I bought some weed suppressant fabric from Wilkos and have started to pin it down like my neighbour has. It looks great and really feels like it's the finishing touch to my plot.

Below is a picture of my fruit beds. They are totally over-run and it gives you a real idea of what is happening. I've laid anything I can find to cover it up.

Looking the other way you can see where I have laid my 'special' carpet and some of the fabric. I need to make LOADS more pins (wire bent into an 'n' shape), but it looks sooo much better already with just a few of the paths covered. I WILL NOT WEED PATHS ALL SUMMER!

And finally an update on the spuddies. 'Experimental' earlies looking fab (front). Earlies also fab and earthed up again by Hubby (middle). A few maincrop are poking through (back).

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