Monday, 14 April 2008

Sunday and today at the plot were both smashing. It was often sunny - I was digging in my t-shirt several times and with the odd sprinkling of rain. Really feels like Spring is on it's way!

Sunday we got the maincrop spuds in, 36 in total. 9 Sarpo Miro, 9 Cara, 9 Romano and 9 Valor. Unfortunately I sowed, then immediately forgot what I had put where - DUUUUUHHHH! I couldn't bear not knowing what I was eating so I had to have a grope around to check :oS.

I planted the two rows of peas I sowed in guttering - and very happy they look too! The left hand side row is Kelvedon Wonder 1st early which the packet says will grow to 45cm high, and the right hand row is Lincoln maincrop which should grow to 60cm. I also sowed two more rows in the guttering, Waverex Petit Pois (60cm) and Rondo (90cm) my favourite pea from last year. This is not the end of it...I went a bit mad when I ordered seeds, so I am sowing a few of each sort so I will know what I like and then can scale it right down next year (yeah right!!).

I set the kiddo to work today sowing giant sunflowers in old plastic cups with holes snipped in the bottom. She was happy as anything and went on to sow nastertiums and convovulous too. 

Today was mostly spent in the greenhouse sowing or pricking out and it's filling up very rapidly, I'm seriously going to need some more shelving! The loo rolls in the front are my brilliant parsnips!

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