Sunday, 13 February 2011


Started my early sowings today.  Chillis, toms, cabbage, cauli, PSB, broccoli, celery and salad bowl CACA.  I know it's early for some I've found it's better to start early and re sow some if need be, than not and then have to re sow and risk it being a bit too late.  Works for me anyway.

About to begin!  Compost wasn't the right soer - far too coarse, but it was all they had in that size at the garden centre.  A bit of sieving was needed.

Here's a pic with my cute looking spuds all lined up like they're watching a film :) They are Anya and Cara.

Reminds me of Gormley again :) (Field for the British Isles)

And lastly my kitty.....just because!

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, love the Anya picture! And what a cute kitty!

    Suddenly starting to feel like I'm way behind - must get sowing!



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