Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New York seagull!

Rock Challenge 2011 is about to start and the school I work at entered last year and were AMAZING!  This year our theme is 'The American Dream'. My friend Katy does all the choreography and direction, I do the set, props and backstage crew, and Hayley does EVERYTHING else :).

It it a performing arts competition for schools to enter. Each team performs an 8 minute piece to music in dance or physical theatre to tell a story.  Some of the schools that enter the competition are fantastic.  Last year our school won the local heats - we didn't win the regional final, but the competition was very tough :)  Great fun though!

Anyway, I've started on the props - so far I've made a Statue of Liberty torch and my mate the Seagull-on-a-stick! :)

I've also got new set on order.  So will be painting soon too I hope!

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