Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Big Butterfly Count

From the 24th July to the 1st August you can be involved in the Big Butterfly Count .  The idea is that you stay in one place for 15 minutes and count the butterflies and moths that you spot and then record your sightings on the website.  I had thought that it was a UK thing, but have since had a look at the results and note lots of recordings from all over the world.

The Girlie and I sat in our sunny back garden today and watched the herb bed.  We spotted 3 Gatekeepers...

...and six Pyrausta Aurata (Mint Moth) - tiny but really beautiful colouring. 

Plus we saw the slightly larger Pyrausta Purpuralis....

We also spotted another - similar to the Purpuralis but with browner wings (sorry about the pic) - not quite sure what this is (could be the other sex). 

 All very pretty, but I now know what has been wrecking my mint!

Other buzzies were also having a great time on the marjoram. Busy busy! My pic collection of Bumbles and Honeys...

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