Sunday, 18 July 2010

Another hour

We went off to the plot again for another stint this afternoon.  I tidied the climbing rose and moved an unused arch to it so that it could scramble over (last one rusted away).  It looks much nicer now.  We also dug up the remainder of the 1st early Charlotte spuds and a row of Kestrel (2nd early) as I wanted to get my very late pumpkins in.  I'm sure we'll get very little from them, but I'll give it a go.  

Just clearing the bed has meant our plot looks much better from the entrance.  The spuds are mostly good, some are great and a few will even make good jackets.  However, lots had scab on them!  Grrrrr, if it's not blight it's slugs, if it's not slugs it's scab!  I think a mixture of the dry weather and the strawy manure we use is to blame (even though the manure was on the bed for a while before we turned it in).  I rotate every time anyway and I'll make sure I water more often and use very, very well rotted next year to get my acid levels up *sigh*.

Quite a bit of mash and potato soup I think.......

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  1. I think your plot looks great. And boy do I wish I had been able to plant potatoes this season. Yours look so good :-)



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