Tuesday, 7 April 2009


We had the most amazing rainbow today - or I should say rainbows. It was a super-bright double rainbow that my photo really doesn't do justice to spanning the whole of the view from my back garden. A fab sight to see!

My folks came up for a visit on Sunday and they had a tour of the plot. They made all the right noises :o) - they hadn't seen it in nearly a year I think so it had changed a fair bit in that time. I managed to offload some of my excess of a thousand spuds to Mum too, hooray!!

The worst discovery this week is that I have Pea and Bean Weevil :o( . Having never had it before I wasn't sure why my broad beans leaves had notches chomped out of them. On closer investigation I spotted the culprit. They are only little things (5mm ish) and didn't realise until I blew the photo up that there where actually two of them making new baby weevils (and one watching !?!). All three were removed from the plant and I searched the rest of the plants but couldn't spot any more (hiding). Anyone know what to do about them? Can I do anything??

The plan was to keep all the beans and peas together for ease of rotation, but now I'm wondering if that is such a good idea? The pic below shows my row of broad beans and the cane and chicken wire I prepared for my peas in guttering. I'm now thinking I may use my other free bed, well away from the weevils. Will it make any difference? Will I get them anyway? :o(

On to happier things, the rhubarb is looking very healthy and I'm looking forward to chomping on a bit of this.

All the fruit trees seem to be in fine health so far and blossoming away! This is the little greengage baby from my friends allotment last year.

And finally a plot shot. It's been so warm and dry lately that I had to water the whole thing on Sunday night. I think I actually only had to do that twice in all of Summer last year - and this was the first time I've had the WHOLE plot to water. It took me close to an hour!!!! I'll need to factor the timings into my visit or I'll end up watering in the dark! It really needed it though - everything was parched down to a good couple of inches.


  1. Such a beautiful picture of the rainbow. You plot looks really good too :)

  2. Thanks :o) I like your blog too, I've added a link from my blog :o) Do keep letting me know what you think, the whole 'grow your own' bug has bitten me badly and it's lovely to have others view what I'm doing!! x



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