Friday, 17 April 2009

First Bouquet

I took these home for my windowsill. The beautiful frilly red tulips and grape hyacinths are from my friends plot the rest are from ours.

The kids flowers look fab. I need to put even more for next year and try to fill the bed so when I pick some it doesn't look bare. I want to be able to cut them, it's not just to look pretty. I've got some of my other bulbs coming up too.

The new spring broadies are poking out of the ground at last - I just think they needed a bit of rain to get started (they've certainly had that now!). Unfortunately the Pea & Bean Weevils have already been munching :o(.

So I decided to move the new peas from the bed I had planned to put them into to one as far away from the broadies as I could. I finished this and wandered off for a chat with my mate on the next plot (hers is from the blue pallet compost bin) and realised that she had P&BW too and my new peas were between them and my munched broadies. No chance for them them :o(. Oh well, at least these peas are sturdy little things!

The early spuds are poking their noses out already (only sowed them 2 weeks ago - I wonder if I planted them deep enough? Thought I had!), I earthed them up - if a frost got them they'd be done for. I do love the colour of the Red Duke of York leaves!

The PSB looks terrific and I picked loads for taea. I steamed it and it was nice enough, but I think I need to find some more creative recipes.

I pulled up a few of my lovely looking rhubarb. I've only had it in just over a year so don't really want to force it yet, but it'll be great next year!

The greenhouse is looking full. The peas have now been planted out, the toms have been moved in here and I've moved to sweetpeas to outside.

At home the chillis look happy. I'm keeping them here this year rather than in the greenhouse as they were happier. I wasn't very impressed last year, I think they were neglected for the toms.


  1. Wow. Your potatoes are already coming up. I am impressed. I planted mine 20th March and still no sign. Maybe I planted them too deep?
    I have never been able to grow chillis from seed, so have given up on them now. So I am a little envious of your good looking tray. Hope you do well with them this year:)

  2. Missing reading your blog. Hope all is well at Potters Patch!

  3. What a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Your plot looks great, especially your lovely pink rhubarb which I'm a little jealous of!

  4. Hi Mangocheeks, thank you for thinking of me! I've been a very poor blogger! I did'nt realise how long it had been since I updated! I always take photos and now the school year is nearly at an end I should have more time! I'll update very soon! I had a very quick peek at your blog and am jealous that you still have strawberries! Mine have been and gone (mostly in my daughters stomach!).
    Hi Katie, thanks! I was realy pleased with the bunch I took home, I'm hoping for loads more next year! My plot in this blog looks really under control, however the weeds are having a right ol' party now! The difference in 3 months is huge! I love your photos too!

  5. Julia,
    The strawberries are still coming, but please don't be jealous. You were harvesting them well before me, and now its my turn. I guess that is one of the benefits of living up North.



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