Wednesday, 1 April 2009

So here we have the finished fence. They didn't cut down the bushes and trees behind it (yet!) thankfully, though you can hardly see the greenery now :o(. At least it's secure!

In the greenhouse everything is growing nicely. Peas are just about ready to get in and I've popped some more greenhouse shade netting stuff up to stop my babies getting scorched (toms in particular).

Jostaberry is looking very healthy as has blossom on it - so fingers crossed for some fruit this year. Rhubarb also looks happy!

I've buds on a lot of my apple trees - I'm very excited as to how these will do this year - got my fingers crossed for one or two apples xx pplleeeeeeeeaaase!

Below are the raspberries (back) and my three currant bushes (middle). In front of them are the left over alpine strawberries. I think these are supposed to be annuals but I'm going to leave them in and see (I'll also sow some more just in case).

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