Sunday, 18 January 2009

A lovely sunny day!

Just a short one as I didn't do much, but what a beautiful day!

The garlic is finally poking it's head through. I superbly mucked up last year, planting both the onions and the garlic too deep and they never really got very big. This year WILL be very different!

I bought a Victoria plum tree from Tescos for £7. I had been looking at them but they were mostly just a twig so wasn't that impressed and left it. Today when I went in though, there was this little fella - he came home with me! He has a prime spot and I've high hopes for him!

A better pic of one of my stepover apples - they really are lovely!

And finally...... the take home for the day to go with my roast dinner. There are two sorts of beetroot, mini khol rabi and parsnips that range from a MONSTER to small and rude (second pic top right!) all in the same row! What more could I ask for? All now peeled and ready to go! Mmmmmmm!

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