Thursday, 10 April 2008

This weekend had some very bizarre weather. While at the plot on Sunday we had beautiful sunshine (e.g. when I took these pics) and we were working in t-shirts, then next snow!! Mad! It wasn't particularly cold though and the ground was workable. I weeded the broadies and gave them a little feed as they've been in since Autumn. Since then they have burst into flower!

I rescued these smashing poles from the bonfire in November. I am really proud of my teepee. The bottom of the poles are really thick so we bored holes with a cricket stump before I pushed them in - so it's rock solid. I wound some string round and have since planted some Magnum Bonum peas as the base. It looks great and they should easily reach the top - they're supposed to grow 2m+.

My spuds are romping away and I had to earth the 'experimental spud bed' again. In the space of a week they had poked 2 inches out of the top! I also put some strawy manure on too this time to keep 'em warm if they come out again before I get back.

Just a pic of my greenhouse from outside. Filling up already and I've tons more to come from home. You can see my loo rolls and peas in guttering. The parsnips I sowed the other week are through both in the loo rolls and in the ground.

I finally succumbed to buying a tree from Tescos. I chose a cherry thinking I would put it on my plot. However, there really wasn't room. So I brought it home thinking I would put it in my garden instead. Nope, no room there either. Finally decised to train it as a fan against a fence. I looked up the instructions from the RHS site (I think) and had a go. It took me AGES to do but I think'll be great. It was such a lovely tree - though now all strussed up :o). I've covered in fleece and bubblewrap at night as frost is forecast - lifting it up in the day. Hope it'll be okay!

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