Thursday, 20 March 2008


It's been a rubbish few weeks at the plot really weather-wise, too cold or miserable to do any real digging, though I have managed to get on with a fair bit of sowing/pricking out in the greenhouse. I had put some parsnips to chit in a blueberry punnet packet between two bits of paper towel and ran water through the packs and placed them on a tray on the windowsill in the kitchen. In a week they've started to chit! Varieties are: Imperial Crown, White King, White Gem and Arrow.

Today I popped 7 White King and 7 Imperial Crown seeds into loo rolls of compost in the greenhouse and we'll see how they go. I had planned to put the chitted seeds straight into the ground but it was too cold and I really didn't feel like digging in the drizzle. We're planning to go tomorrow too, so may get some more into the ground along with some more early spuds. Not holding my breath though and I'd have to cover it all up as the cold weather is rumoured to be on it's way.

I pricked out 32 mammoth onion seedlings. 20 into these nifty pot trays from Aldi and a further 12 into 2in cells. I've managed to mix up the onions so although I have a vague idea whether they are red or white, I may be wrong. Good job I'm not really bothered :o)!

Some peas are poking their heads up in the loo rolls (planting with the moon and doing well). As well as the Lincoln peas sown in the guttering. The Kelvedon Wonder are not doing so well but the guttering did seem rather drier (soon put that right!).

The two buckets below contain my salad bowl seedlings. The bucket nearest are going strong but were planted first. The back bucket has the same seeds but planted with the moon - further behind, but then planted a week later.

My jostaberry is now full of leaves and finally my rhubarb is about to burst. This is only one of them, my other two are still asleep! All three have had a hard life to start with so I'll give them a bit more time to do their thing yet!

And finally my lovely chitting spuds. I'm sooo keen to get these in, fingers crossed for tomorrow! XXX

Affectionately named Rudolf!

And finally my seeds arrived from . Tomatoes - Little White Rabbit, White Currant and Fantome Du Laos. Beans - Heirloom Pole Beans and True Red Cranberry Pole Dry Beans. They are from the USA and may not do well here, going to give them a go though as they are really interesting varieties.

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