Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Hubby dug over the penultimate bed on the plot on Sunday (I started to help but got bored very quickly and left him to it!). It was probably the weediest bed that we've tried to dig so far, totally full of bind weed and brambles - it's the first time we've had to double dig too. It took HOURS! This is due to have parsnips in so I'll need to go through it again before I sow them.

While hubby was digging I prepared a bed for the 4 jerusalem artichoke tubers I bought from B&Q. Has a bit of confusion as to which way up they should go in the ground as they had stringy root type things coming off them, but also a kind of crown on the same end too?? I settled for them on their sides as was told by our resident allotment 'fountain of knowledge' that they'll turn themselves. Fingers crossed.

Jerusalem Artichoke bed

I brought some chalks with us to the plot this time. What a hit! It kept the kids happy for an hour and a half!! Here follows some of the fantastic artwork!

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