Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meet the neighbours.

There I was on Sunday, making some beads, when hubby came in and told me he had a present for me!  It turned out to be a dunnock chick that the kids had found on the path to our front door.  An ugly, but fiesty thing, he (she?) won me over a bit with his mad hair.  The kids affectionately named him 'Jedward'.....

We had a good hunt around for a nest and found it eventually in the hedge next to the path along with 4 of his brothers and sisters.  So we popped him back in - he seemed happy enough, and hoped that Mummy Dunnock wasn't too put off.

The next day we found the little fella had fallen out of the nest again!!  This time I thought he was a gonner, but no, still alive, though very cold, so I warmed him up for a moment or two in my hands, then popped him back in his nest again, this time making sure he was properly snuggled in.  All the time M.D. was sitting in the tree next to the hedge chirping angrily at me!  When I checked later all looked well and a mass of fluff with five beaks were spotted. 

If you were wondering I also watched Mum fly in and out this morning feeding them, so it looks like she's not been put off!  However, I suspect that 5 baby dunnocks are not going to fit in that tiny nest for long. I guess that this is the order of things, but the fella was cute and I couldn't just let him die.  I'll keep you posted on developments!

Jedward is the one with his gob open!

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