Saturday, 2 July 2011

A smiling rainbow and other bits and bobs.

Yesterday I saw a fascinating sight.  An upsidedown rainbow!

It was wonderful, if a little freaky to begin with as I'd never even heard of one, let alone seen one before.  I dashed in for my camera and to quickly google it too :)

Officially it's not a rainbow as there was no rain.  It was a gorgeous sunny evening with a few wispy clouds. Normal rainbows are formed when light passes through raindrops and as it shines it shows as arcs of colour on the other side.  Yesterdays (non)rainbow, or to give it its posh name - Circumzenithal Arc, is formed when sunlight shines down and bent through a thin layer of ice crystals found in the atmosphere. 

From what I have read, it's not brilliant that we can see something like this, it's really, rare and usually it is only seen in conditions found in places like the North Pole.  However, we can now see it every now and then in Britain.  Showing that the planets weather is changing!?  Amazing though!
Picked some more strawberries from the allotment and made them into an extremely bad for you (but quite yummy I thought) icecream.  We've had loads and loads so far this year, however some of the strawbs have started to take on a bit of an odd shape.  I've had a few of these now and wonder if this means my oldest plants are starting to be a little past it?  They're in their fourthish year.

Still tasted good mind you!

In the back garden - I've had a general tidy up and made a start on digging the border that hasn't had anything in it since we had the new fence in (so ages then!) - I think I'm going to try chucking a few things in to see what I can get from the last part of the Summer.
I've got toms on the go, still no fruit yet, but flowers galore.  Chillies - a few but not going very mad yet.  My fig tree is loving the renewed attention, amazing what a top dressing, and regular watering can do!

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  1. Love the "rainbow" picture... even with it's ominous meaning.

    On that note, I've heard forecasts of a butal winter this year, with snow as early as mid October. I'm thinking of swapping my Beagle for a team of sled dogs.



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