Sunday, 27 March 2011

Goodness, I ran 10K!!!

I got out of bed this morning with a plan to run 5K along a route that I really struggled on last time I did it.  However, today I felt totally different.  It's a lovely route taking in nature trails, river and canal paths - so I wanted to do it justice.

I felt great from the off, everytime I had a choice as to whether to extend my route a little or head on home I still felt fine so carried on.  Once I'd started to extend the run I thought I'd try to aim for 5miles, but as I've no GPS just my trusty digital watch, I had to guess the distance.  I ran on and on, finally getting tired and 'shuffley' and my legs were starting to ache, but I kept going until I got home. 

I checked the distance when I got in and it was 10K on the nose!  I was so chuffed, I can't believe I can actually run that far and for that long!  I took 1:25:36 which is pretty slow in the whole scheme of things but for me is amazing - I can run for nearly one and a half hours non stop! Yay!


  1. I wouldn't say that was slow at all. Well done! I'd struggle to run 10 mins, let alone 10K

  2. Thanks Mark. It's my new thing - I couldn't have run 10 mins 10 weeks ago. I'm constantly surprising myself! :)



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