Tuesday, 14 July 2009

It's been a long time! (June Highlights)

June Highlights :o).....

The apples on my step-over trees are swelling nicely. A few varieties have split though - why would that happen? I'll have to look it up!

A pic of my first real bounty. Strawbs were lovely, particularly the new plants I bought this year - can't remember what they are called (I've written it down somewhere) these were very sweet and delicious. They are only babies though so should give us a good crop next year. Gooseberries made a crumble and fools-a-plenty. I found them very tart though and have since found out that one bush is actually a dessert red one! Who knew!? Anyway I've still got plenty left on the bush so need to think what to do with them!

Toms getting bigger!

Next is a few 'Flowery' pics. I'm making some ceramic jewellery for my Mum's golf club competition and these were pics I took to work from. Peas are first...

My lovely climbing rose. It's had some sort of mildew on it this year - not sure what I need to do with it. Flowers are not my strong point. Did I do something wrong? Not do something??

Last year myself and a plot neighbour busily pulled up loads of weeds from our beds, then found out that they were actually these amazing giant lilac poppies! We both went 'Ahhh- ha!!' and sprinkled any seeds from the remaining ones around our plot and THIS year we had masses of them. Mine were mostly in the onion beds.


  1. Those gooseberries look marvellous. Wow, and then look at that beautiful lilac poppy. I am so so so jealous. I cannot tell you how jealous I am. I cannot even seem to grow the smallest or simplest of red common poppies, and here you have a beautiful, yet elegant giant. I am so jealous...

  2. Hiya. The poppies have been amazing, We've been pulling tonnes of them up today as we've been weeding as the flowers are all gone and just the seed heads left. We could never use all of them, I'd be happy to post you some!? I just sprinkled them around and let them do their thing!



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