Thursday, 16 July 2009


Today I went over the road outside my house to a huge greengage tree. It had good fruit a couple of years ago, but last year had none at all - not one! THIS year it is heaving! I just picked from one of the branches and only up to head height and hardly even made a dent! AND there's another 4 trees like this one! Fab! Greengage jam a-calling!

These are my 6 rows of spuds. The first bed is Valor and Romano, the second is Kestrel and Pink Fir Apple and the last is Swift and RDoY (plus a few forlorn squash plants). You can see how they have all been affected (or not) by the brown marks.

Hubby and I got a rare chance this evening to visit the plot without the kids. We managed about an hour before it started to rain! Hubby weeded the baby leek bed and I weeded the fruit area - there were a few docs but mostly the weeds pulled out no prob.

Before and after pics.

Looks much better now!
And finally a pic of my weeded cut flower bed. It looks a bit sparse but gladies are looking amazing!


  1. Lucky you to have greengages growing not far from where you live. I was in Essex over the weekend and picked up some local greengages, now I am thinking what to do with them. Unlike lucky you, I don't have enough to make a jam, so its a cake or a tart...mmmm.

    Enjoy making the jam!

  2. Thanks, I did! I've made Greengage Jam and Greengage Chutney. Both turned out really nice. I'm actually starting to run out of room in my cupboard now and we haven't even started making wild picked Blackberry Jam yet! Greengage Tart does sound nice! yummy!

  3. I had to look up what a greengage even was!! But I see its like a plum. I have a plum tree! But I have no idea what variety.

    Could I substitute plums in place of the greengages for that chutney, you think?

  4. Greengages (or at least the tree over from me that I *think* is a greengage) has sweet and juicy fruit, very like plums in taste only smaller. I'm sure it was a plum chutney recipe that I actually followed, but I can't for the life of me find anywhere I wrote it down or recognised any from my books. I'm not a great chutney eater, but this was nice - so a shame that, very remiss of me. We've got tonnes on the trees this year too, so I'll have to have another go.

    I love that you're reading my posts too :o) I don't know where my day went!



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