Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Potatoes Are Here!!!!!

Yippeeee! Though once again I have most spectacularly over ordered! This year I have written down exactly how many come in each bag so I can order properly for next year.

I ordered - Swift (1st, 36 in a bag, not tried before); Red Duke of York (1st, fab last year, 36); Pink Fir Apple (2nd, amazing!! 65+!!); Kestrel (2nd, 28 not tried before); Romano (MC, good but a bit sluggy, 25) and Valour (MC, again good but a little sluggy, 31). I will have to resort to organic type slug pellets this year unfortunately as 90% of my maincrops were unusable last year!
NEXT year I will order ONE 1st early, Pink Fir Apple and one other 2nd early, and ONE Maincrop!

Snowy plot pics:

The lovely leeks

And snow prints: The first ones I'm pretty certain are fox prints, the second some sort of bird - no idea what sort (not pigeon I think as they walk rather than hop) and final prints - something like a rabbit???

1 comment:

  1. Blimey, that is a lot of spuds!
    Nice to get an idea who your visitors are from the prints though.



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