Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Autumn on the Plot

Two piccies of my plot as of Sunday. One from the usual view and one from the other looking from the far side of my neighbours plot. Comparing the top pic to the banner at the top of my blog you can see how it has really come on!

A quick catch-up:-

We've now transplanted 4 rows of junior leeks of various size and thicknesses, and some in cells - some bare rooted. I've no idea what type they are!!!

We've sown one net bag of Shensu (?) Japanese Onions which totalled 84 and the bag wasn't even quite empty! I've another bag to go (underestimated the quantity in a bag! :o) ) so am thinking I might put them in too, but closer together and eat them as babies. THIS year I've sown them properly so that they are only half buried. I can only think that I read the instructions wrong last year (too deep!).

Another plot-shot. You can see my pumpkins and sweetcorn in the same bed and nearest to us is the parsnip bead. Fantastic so far - huge and looked amazing until I did a spectacular 'Mrs Doyle' fall into the bed!! Glad no-one was watching! The Kale at the bottom of the pic is my neighbour's.

Next are close-ups of my beans. The first is the fantastic borlotti beans that I got from America under the name of 'True Red Cranberry'. The bonus is that they are a climbing variety rather than my poor slug nibbled dwarf variety! The second pic is of my rather smashing Cosse Violette drying ready to be harvested.

My butternuts are doing well. I tried growing them up over an arch but it resisted rather. So eventually I had to tie it up to the chiken wire left over from the peas too. It is VERY happy.

The poppies on the plot were fantastic! Huge and lilac. I had spent a good few hours pulling a load out thinking they were weeds (I know that technically they are!) before I realised what they were. I've liberally sprinkled the seeds around but also thought the seed heads were interesting!

An arty shot of a dewy spider's web on the courgette leaves. Ahhhh!

And finally my new friend!! Found peering in at me in the greenhouse - longingly I think! :0)


  1. I love the photos and your toad is rather handsome.

  2. Thank you, I love taking photos - I take tonnes! I agree with you about my toad too. Definately a prince in the making!

    Your photos don't looks so bad yourself!! love the rainbow! I did very much the same thing with my onions, though not quite the 1000s of yours!;)



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