Sunday, 16 September 2007

What a productive day!

We had a great day today, the weather was perfect - not too hot, not cold, not raining or windy (our plot seems really sheltered - our allotments are on a slope with us at the bottom but when we walked up the hill today you could really feel the wind!).

We did loads:

  • Hoed a few paths

  • Put straw beds under the butternut and pumpkins

  • Weeded Bed 5 and was about to fill it with garlic and onion sets when someone gave me loads of leek seedlings to put in (45 in fact). Them in, I then had just enough room for one type of garlic so planted my Cristo

  • Hubby put up the next compost bin & finished weeding Bed 10

THEN, a man came over and asked if we wanted a shed and said we can go pick it up from his plot if we do. FANTASTIC! It's a bit woodwormy on the base, so we'd need to replace that and a few other planks/beams, but overall is great (our car can be our car again instead of our shed! :oD ), and best of all it's FREE! We had been in the process of collecting a shed from Freecycle, but I was finding it hard to get up the enthusiasm for hiring a van to move it - plus it's really a bit too big (6x10)! This is great! Anyway, we moved it down to our plot a bit at a time (it was SO heavy - and I'm such a weaking!! took us 7 trips and my arms and backside (for some bizarre reason??!) are killing.

A tractor turned up today too to chop off all the growth at the end of the plot that meets the boundry. The chap said he was also going to be back to dig out the ground and level it - which is fantastic as it was a job we'd have needed to do to to put the shed on. We've ALSO been told that there is someone giving away slabs that we could have.

It's all looking good and I've even got mini yellow Sunburst F1 squash growing and sweetcorn lady flowers. Love it all!

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