Monday, 16 July 2007

A Masterpiece!

Such a busy week last week so didn't get to Plot 6 as much as I would've liked. Did get there on Saturday with the kids for a few hours, then back again with Hubby in the evening when he finished work (braving the nasty nibbling flying critters that LOVE the taste of me!). We dug over the 4th bed and I've got half the bed filled with 18 sweetcorn plantlets (did have a little runt too - sweetcorn number 19, but slugs got him - probably for the best!). They look great! I went and checked out how others had planted their's and copied them (spacing etc.). Leeks are going to go in the other half I think. I've had two seperate offers for leeks so I'm hoping I will be able to fill it.

Rained ALL day on Sunday, and only popped in on my way home to drop off some pallets today. I'm itching to get back, but don't really like digging on my own. Need to get Hubby there too!

Sowed a few other bits and pieces to hopefully get in this year. They are happily germinating on the windowsill.

Up the garden:

The tomatoes are doing well, lots of babies now and looking healthy, a baby chilli pepper, peas have toppled over and do not taste that great now (though they were lovely with the pie we had last night), kids went mad pulling up my carrots (eekkkk!), but at least they did eat them! I've only 2 potato plants left now (so sad - mind you they've done well to last as the slugs and snails have stripped them to skeletons!) and beans, onions, garlic, butternut squash, cucumber, and lettuce are still doing well. My raspberries are not fruiting so much now, and strawbs seem to have stopped fruiting altogether. Courgettes are not really that happy in a tub I think and manky fruit flies keep attacking the end of the courg so I have to chop it off before it's really big enough. I'll have to make sure it's well away from the compost bin next year!

All in all I'm proud of what I have achieved up my garden. Even if I can't wait for the next year on my allotment!

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